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Careers in the BAMFAM


Our Culture

BAMFAM: [ bam-fam ]
noun informal


  1. A group of people who work together, celebrate life together, rally around one another, support each other, and who also just so happen to be employed by The BAM Companies.
  2. Alternatively referred to as the BAMily [ bam-lee ].


  1. To those who are a part of it, the company is referred to as the BAMFAM. It not only encapsulates what we are and want to be, but also summarizes our core values. Employees are not just a number, a machine, or another money-maker; they are family[ fam-lee ].
Loyal + Loving Family
Being open and honest.

Being understanding.

Caring for each team member.
When People Grow. BAM Grows
Trusting the process.

Fighting through trials and tribulations.

The persistence to go above and beyond.
Fun + Quirky Spirit
Having an innovative spirit.

March to the beat of our own drum.
Work Hard, Play Hard, WIN!
Taking professional responsibility.

Celebrating team success.

Core Values

The BAM Companies’s (BAM) leadership sat down a number of years ago and decided to formally identify the company’s core values. They didn’t create these in hopes that the company would achieve them one day but instead looked at what the BAMFAM was already doing well and put it in words.

Since then, the core values have become a rallying cry for every member of the BAMily. They are known and lived-out in every interaction with every resident, stakeholder, and co-worker. Our size also contributes to how these values are represented; everyone is able to know everyone else at BAM!

Focus on GROWTH: At BAM, it is the goal of every leader to see their teams grow, develop, and be promoted. One of our core values is growth. While this can mean many things, let’s clarify and cut to the chase: if you get in the door and get the job done, there’s a bright future ahead for you. Success is always within your grasp, especially at a company where every leader knows your name, your work ethic, and celebrates your success with you!

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Employee Testimonials

“Being part of BAM is one of the best things that happened to me this year. I am so thankful to BAM for hiring me... I lost my job last April and it took me a month to land on another -- job hunting was a struggle here amidst the pandemic. I am grateful and happy to be working with everyone in the BAMFAM. BAM is a blessing to us!”

Niño IT Specialist

“ I am thankful for the career that I have, the experience, growth and stability it has provided me both personally and professionally these last 6.5 years, and especially the amazing people that I work alongside across 3 states and the Philippines.”

Ryan Asset Manager

"I was surprised by the culture that BAM has created. Professional, exciting and fast paced. I rarely feel like I have time to stand around and I love that. I enjoy staying busy and getting tasks done. I have never experienced a company that treats their employees so well. The staff is very respectful to all employees and I love the culture so far at BAM.”

Jordan Assistant Property Manager

“ The leadership in this company I'd have to rate as a 10. Everybody jumps in and helps.”

Michael Maintenance Technician

"Many co-workers have extended their helpful hand; since day one. I am blessed to work for an organization that is family oriented and are team players. Everyday, this is evident; as I read messages in Slack. When one has a question, our team is quick to provide insight and resources that are fundamental to our success and/or to assist with resolving an issue.”

India Property Manager

“I feel very empowered by upper management to lead as the Property Manager of my property. I feel like I am equipped and supported by corporate”

Brittney Property Manager

How to be Successful at BAM

Have you ever applied to a job and been worried that you might not understand what will be expected of you? We’re here to help! Check out our cheat sheet on how to be a great and valued member of the BAMFAM. You’re welcome. 

Benefits of BAM

Ever heard of the phrase “icing on the cake?” In addition to the incredible culture that is cultivated, people that are collaborated with, and work that is accomplished, The BAM Companies has a robust benefits package that could convince even the most ardent skeptics that this is where they need to be.

  • Creative supplementary benefit options ranging from short-term disability to pet care! 
  • Enough paid holidays to beat out the post office.

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11711 North Pennsylvania St, Carmel, IN 46032, USA

Phone: (317) 550-0172